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Specialized Commercial Coatings, LLC provides professional coatings, painting, and repair services to all industries.

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Sometimes it’s hard to find a good company in the field of property and facility maintenance. This can lead to a frustrating experience when you need work done. At SCC we make the process easy! 



Our process will make it easy for you to make an informed purchase decision.

SCC experts can help you with all aspects of your business, including sales, estimation, and production.

We believe that our customer is our customer for the long haul. Our main focus is on building relationships with everyone we meet and finishing projects with expertise and quality while working within our client’s budget and time constraints. 


No matter your project goals, keep in mind that industrial coatings are sensitive to initial conditions and need to be applied correctly to deliver the absolute best result.

Oversights can lead to costly rework or drastically reduce the longevity of the coating.

How long does an Industrial Coating Project Take?

Project timelines can depend on multiple factors like the type of coating being used and how easily accessible the area that needs coating is. 

A small or mid-sized job can be completed in a matter of weeks. It’s important to note that many industrial coatings have a curing period before they acquire the highest performance characteristics. 

What is industrial painting?
Industrial painting is done in complex or hard-to-reach areas in facilities or plants. We service refineries, food plants, manufacturing facilities, agricultural companies, and municipalities. Industrial painting often requires specialized rigging to access confined spaces and special coatings to withstand harsh environments.
What Are the Most Common Industrial Coatings?
Electrostatic Painting
Electrostatic painting is used to evenly and fully coat grounded metal surfaces. The paint is applied in the form of paint particles with a positive charge. The particles are attracted to the grounded surface, resulting in efficient work and a visibly uniform coat of paint.

Intumescent Coatings
Intumescent coatings are a passive fire resistance tool appropriate for a range of facilities. They can be used to safeguard key structural elements and egress points. When heated, they expand significantly, creating a powerful insulator that slows down a fire’s progress.

Anti-Slip Coating
Anti-slip coatings can be used directly on the surface of a concrete or epoxy floor system which has become too slippery for regular foot traffic. This may be needed after certain floor treatments that make a surface less porous as a means of protecting it from damage.

Antimicrobial Floors
Antimicrobial flooring can limit exposure to pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, mildew, and yeast. A significant presence of antimicrobial flooring tends to improve air quality in your indoor spaces. It can also be used in designated clean rooms and fabrication areas.
How do you prepare steel for coating?
Our preparation of steel will vary depending on environmental conditions and the commercial coating that will be used. Most steel prep will include degreasing, water blasting, and/or sandblasting. In areas where either is impractical, CO2 blasting may be an alternative. For adhesion to the steel, we will always follow the manufacturer’s recommended surface preparation.
How long do you need to complete a floor coating project?
The duration of a floor coating project will vary depending on the amount of square footage, how many obstructions to work around, and what coating system is chosen. Some projects require only a day whereas others may take weeks. We work with every customer to determine the best solution for their needs.

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We can provide predictable solutions and services to any industry in the St Louis area that partners with us. We have the expertise to ensure that the highest quality standards are met regardless of whether the project is a new development or renovation of an existing building in need of cosmetic changes. 

Industrial Coatings

Specialized Commercial Coatings, LLC can achieve any industry-standard critical to your company’s operations. We have the equipment to preserve your assets with professional coating and painting services. 

Commercial Painting

Properties and facilities survive the test of time by standing out from the crowd and keeping eye appeal to pull clients in. Whether it’s improving your property cosmetically or a full-blown makeover, we will deliver predictable results for you.

Institutional Coatings

Whether you require Institutional Painting for a hospital, school, or church, Specialized Commercial Coatings, LLC will always be the best choice. We have built the best team possible to accomplish your project on schedule and within budget.

Residential Painting

Specialized Commercial Coatings, LLC is a full-service painting specialist that eliminates the guesswork when choosing a painting company. Our team is prepared with the necessary expertise, resources, and detail-oriented work ethic for every job.

Hospitality Coatings

Specialized Commercial Coatings, LLC delivers exceptional expertise to our hospitality clients. In addition to revitalizing your hotel or resort, we tailor our painting services according to your schedule and budget and make sure you get the results you want.

New Construction Painting

It is not easy to select a painting contractor for a new building or for a national brand. Our team of experienced painters and coating experts will cover all aspects of the job, to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. 

Commercial Coating St Louis

High-quality commercial coating done with precision

Our customers have high expectations and that is why we offer the highest level of quality and reliability.  Every job is done with superior professionalism, the best finishes, and surface prep work to ensure a long-lasting application. 

Powerful Stratergy

Powerful Stratergy

Quality Control System

Quality Control System

Assured Productivity

Assured Productivity

Specialized Commercial Coatings, LLC offers services that can relieve the stress you may feel when trying to find the right coating or painting company. We can meet your expectations and exceed them with our detailed invoicing, quality control, and thorough project management.

Quality of work will always have a significant impact on the durability of your coating or painting project. We work together with you to minimize disruptions for your business while ensuring the best possible result for your completed project.

Modern Technique

Modern Technique

Modernize your office or commercial building with professional coating services.



We only use the highest quality material to ensure a long-lasting and durable finish.



SCC has one of the best teams in St Louis for commercial coating and painting. 

Project Support

Project Support

Each job is run by our foremen and is supervised daily by the owner of the company.

You can have confidence when choosing Specialized Commercial Coatings, llc

SCC provides an unparalleled level of professionalism and reliability to the painting and coating industry. We always put quality and customer service first and consistently deliver on the promises that we make.

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Whether you have one location or several, our staff can coordinate the professional completion of your painting or coatings project from start to finish. We work with business owners, business managers, building engineers, and facility managers to make your job of selecting the right company for the job easier. Experience the value of working with our well-trained team of professionals.

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